What is HeadLines?

HeadLines is the selection of the most important news and insights about the Hungarian tourism industry, published twice a week in English. It includes news written by our experts and in-house journalists with a deep knowledge of the local tourism trade and the English summaries of relevant articles published by local newspapers in Hungarian.

For whom is it useful?

We recommend HeadLines to foreign expats living and working in Hungary and those tourism industry professionals, who are based in regional headquarters and regularly work with Hungarian partners. HeadLines is an outstanding source of news and information for all non-Hungarian speakers, who are interested in the local tourism business.

How can I read it?

You can subscribe to the newsletter by completing the order form below. We’ll send it to the selected e-mail addresses, but you’ll be also able to read HeadLines online at www.turizmus.com with a password. You’ll receive this password once subscription is completed.

When do we send newsletters?

Twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For breaking news, we’ll also send out special editions.

What is the price?

Annual subscription costs
€290 plus VAT (5%) for up to two e-mail addresses
€390 plus VAT (5%) for up to five e-mail addresses
€490 plus VAT (5%) for six or more e-mail addresses.

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